Excellent corporate management

Continuously adding value to company and protecting the rights and interests of shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers

Management Structure
Goals and Principles
Bauhinia Variegata is committed to building an excellent and reliable corporate management structure. Our management policy and direction provide a transparent, open and responsible structure for shareholders, and enhance value for them. In order to strengthen and professionalize the operation of the Board of Directors, there are four committees under the Board performing different roles: the audit committee, remuneration and appraisal committee, nomination committee, and strategy committee.
  • Audit Committee

    The audit committee includes one director and two independent directors. The audit committee is responsible for examining all relationships with the audit firm, guiding the establishment and implementation of the company's internal audit system, supervising and evaluating its internal audit work, and monitoring integrity of its financial statements, audit issues and other issues raised by the auditor, and reviewing the company's internal controls and risk management. 

  • Nomination Committee

    The nomination committee includes one director and two independent directors. Members of the committee design terms of reference and perform their duties in accordance with the listing rules of the company. The nomination committee is mainly responsible for designing nomination policies and making recommendations to the Board of Directors on the nomination, appointment, renewal and succession of directors and senior managers.
  • Remuneration and Appraisal Committee

    The remuneration and appraisal committee includes one director and two independent directors. The committee mainly studies, design and reviews the remuneration policies and plans for directors and senior managers according to the main scope, responsibilities and importance of their positions, as well as the remuneration levels of relevant positions in other comparable companies.
  • Strategy Committee

    The strategy committee consists of two directors and an independent director. The strategy committee shall formulate its terms of reference and perform its duties in accordance with the Listing Rules of the company. The strategy committee of the company studies and puts forward suggestions on the long-term development strategy and major investment decisions of the company.